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The #1 community for Idina Menzel's music, movies, theatre, pics, news and fans!

When Where Venue What Be There!
August 24, 2013 London, UK Hackney Empire Friday Night is Music Night Tickets!

idinamenzel is the original, premier Idina Menzel fan community on LiveJournal. It was created in 2002 by faith4life while LiveJournal was still in its toddler years. Over the past eight years - especially of late with Idina's exploding popularity as a solo artist - it has grown into a community of more than 1000 members, attracting fans from all spectrums of Idina's multi-faceted career.

Everything from news and questions to photos and audio/video to fan-made graphics are welcome in this community. If you have news to share, please be sure to include a link to your source, and take a moment to check and see if it has been posted already. Please be sure to give your post a title! We ask that lengthy posts are put behind a cut to save space. We also ask that you tag your entry appropriately to help archive things more easily. All posts containing downloadable media, such as mp3s or videos, are to be set as 'Friends Only.' They will be rejected/deleted if they are not.

For special events, such as television appearances, we sometimes hold a community chat session via AOL Instant Messenger to provide a quick, open forum for play-by-play and post-show discussions. A reminder is posted the day of, and all members are welcome to join the chat.

We are a moderated community and all submissions and member requests will be approved by a moderator. We take great care to avoid unnecessary postings as we don't want to clutter your friends pages, but Idina's a busy woman these days so we do the best we can!

Custom graphics requests, fanfiction, and posts solely promoting other communities or websites are disallowed. There are specialized communities dedicated to self-promotion if you wish to do that. However, if you have an Idina or Idina-related community or website that you would like to share with the fans, contact veronicamae to get approval; that type of promotion is understandable. The only other exception to the no-promo rule applies to graphics posts, as it is perfectly acceptable to link your artwork back to your own LiveJournal or website.

If you have questions or concerns about the community itself, if you are having issues with another member, or if you have a general comment or suggestion about the community, please direct it to a maintainer/moderator. We're all here to help!

This community was opened in June 2002 by faith4life (Amber). In September 2007, veronicamae (Erin) joined as a co-maintainer. vdc_dancer_boy (Kevin), lifeoftheparty2 (Brittany), and lanafromoz (Lana) are our moderators.

idinamenzel is affiliated with a number of other communities and websites:

Idina-Here - the #1 Idina fansite on the web!


If you would like to affiliate your community or site, just contact the maintainer!

idinamenzel is a community run by the fans, for the fans. All copyrights of audio, video, and photographs belong to their respective owners. This is an unofficial community. However, our staff is in contact with Idina's staff and we do what we can to provide prompt, early, and exclusive news to our members. We strive to post the most accurate, up-to-date information, but sometimes errors are beyond our control. We do our best to correct mistakes as soon as possible, but never hesitate to contact a moderator to bring a problem to our attention.

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