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Live DVD Track Listing

On March 6, Idina's first-ever LIVE concert CD & DVD will be released.  We are pleased to share with you the complete performance track listing that you will receive on the DVD:

1. Life Of The Party
2. I'm Not That Girl
3. Love For Sale / Roxanne
4. Funny Girl / Don't Rain On My Parade
5. Asleep On The Wind
6. No Day But Today
7. Poker Face
8. Look To The Rainbow
9. Good Morning Walker / I Feel Smoochie
10. Where Or When (feat. Taye Diggs)
11. Heaven Help My Heart
12. For Good
13. Defying Gravity
14. The Way We Were
15. Tomorrow

Click the cover to pre-order your copy through today!  They do ship basically worldwide (there may be exceptions beyond our knowledge or control), and the DVD is Region Free so Idina's fans around the world can enjoy her concert.

The companion CD is also available for pre-order.

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